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Air Quality - nitrogen dioxide monitoring (automatic and non-automatic)

Nottingham conducts nitrogen dioxide monitoring as part of the Environment Act 1995: Part 3 Local Air Quality Management process: to determine compliance with the National Air Quality Objectives, and check that measures to reduce emissions of nitrogen dioxide are working.

Technical description

Nitrogen dioxide monitoring (non-automatic)

This dataset contains monitoring information and Eastings and Northings for Nottingham City Council's (monthly exposed) nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube monitoring programme. All values are expressed as ug/m3.

Monitoring is carried out by exposing a grid coated with a chemical sensitive to nitrogen dioxide for a period of a month. The tube is then returned to the supplying laboratory for analysis. Tube data is provided 15 months in arrears due to the need for a correction factor to be applied by comparing data between a real time analyser and three collocated diffusion tubes.

Nitrogen dioxide monitoring (automatic)

This dataset contains monitoring data from Nottingham City Council's nitrogen dioxide automatic monitoring equipment located at Carter Gate, St Andrew's Road (both within Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) 2) and Lace Street (within AQMA 3).

Monitoring is carried out continuously throughout a 24 hour period (except for a daily automatic zero-span calibration check typically between 0100 and 0200, and a manual calibration performed once every two weeks). The monitoring data is reported as ratified data i.e. it has been 'scaled' using calibration data to ensure its accuracy. All values are expressed as ug/m3.

Copies of reports compiled under the Local Air Quality Management process (from April 2000 to present) can be found on Nottingham Insight

The dataset is updated August of each year following submission to DEFRA of the Council's Local Air Quality Management Annual Status Report. 15 minute monitoring data for Nottingham's real time analysers can be dowloaded from and by selecting the data and graphs tab on the left, and then by selecting "Simple Data and Graphs".

This data can also be viewed on the UKAirNow app.

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Further information

Date last updated 16/07/2020
Frequency of update Annually
Date added 23/04/2015
Resource owner Nottingham City Council
Temporal extent 01/01/2015-31/12/2020
Use constraints None, but where used it must be credited to Nottingham City Council.
Geographic extent Nottingham
Additional Information Copies of reports compiled under the Local Air Quality Management process can be found on Nottingham Insight
Further information about air pollution and air quality is available on the City Council website

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URLAir quality data - (15 minute monitoring) (Nottingham City)
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