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HM Land Registry - Commercial and Corporate Ownership

HM Land Registry has made available, for free, data on land or property in England and Wales where the registered legal owner is a UK company or corporate body, or an overseas company. The data shown is for the East Midlands region.

Technical description

More detail or to download the complete data set for England and Wales, please see and The data is published under non-commercial use. For more information please see Details are shown below. Ownership excludes private individuals, overseas companies and charities. Please note you will need to create an account or have an existing log-in to access the dataset.

Further information

Date last updated 16/07/2020
Frequency of update Annually
Date added 09/01/2018
Resource owner Nottingham City Council
Temporal extent
Use constraints No Conditions Apply
Geographic extent Nottinghamshire
Additional Information HM Land Registry Terms and Conditions

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URLHM Land Registry - Commercial and Corporate Ownership


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This resource is licensed under the Land Registry Licence (Non-commercial use only, please see terms).

The property addresses contained within the Information are processed against Ordnance Survey's AddressBase Premium product, which incorporates Royal Mail's PAF® database (Address Data). Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey, permits your use of the property addresses in the Information as follows:

Private Sector Use:
  • For personal and/or non-commercial use.
  • The effective management of land and properties, assisting with the maintenance of ownership records, and ensuring that land transactions are promptly and accurately recorded.
  • For the prevention or detection of crime, the apprehension or prosecution of alleged offenders, any proceedings in a court or tribunal or complying with an order or a court or a tribunal.
Public Body Use:
  • If you hold a Public Sector Mapping Agreement Licence or a One Scotland Mapping Agreement Member Licence issued by Ordnance Survey, your permitted use of the property addresses is in accordance with the terms of that Licence.
  • If you want to use the property addresses contained within the Information in any other way, you must contact Royal Mail. Email
When using or publishing this information
  • You will need to add the following attribution statement if you use or publish this Information:
  • Information produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright [YEAR].

Further conditions apply to this dataset; please visit the Land Registry site.

For more information, see our licensing page.