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Dataset nameSynopsisLicense
Article 4 Direction Areas - Houses in Multiple OccupationCity-wide area within which permitted development rights have been removed for changes of use from family/single household occupancy dwellings to Houses in Multiple Occupation (dwellings shared by between 3 and 6 unrelated occupiers)Open Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Code-Point OpenCode-Point Open contains a list of all the current postcode units in Great Britain, each of which has a precise geographic location at a resolution of one metreExternal data - check with provider
Conservation AreasAreas designated as Conservation Areas under Section 69 of the Planning (Listed buildings and Conservation Areas) Act, 1990Open Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Planning applicationsPlanning applications received by Nottingham City Council, updated on a daily basisOpen Government Licence
Public Spaces Protection OrdersPublic Spaces Protection Orders help reduce crime or antisocial behaviour occurring either on the path itself or resulting from its useOpen Government Licence
Selective Licensing DesignationThis is the designation (boundary) for Nottingham City Council's scheme of selective licensing 2018-2023Open Government Licence
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local authorities to undertake an assessment of land availability to identify a future supply of land which is suitable, available and achievable for housing and economic development usesOpen Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)