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Dataset nameSynopsisLicense
Article 4 Direction Areas - Historic EnvironmentAreas whereby the Council can remove permitted development rights in order to preserve the character and amenity of an area, including the historic environmentOpen Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Article 4 Direction Areas - Houses in Multiple OccupationCity-wide area within which permitted development rights have been removed for changes of use from family/single household occupancy dwellings to Houses in Multiple Occupation (dwellings shared by between 3 and 6 unrelated occupiers)Open Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Asset registerLand and building assets owned by Nottingham City Council, including address, coordinates, tenure type (leasehold or freehold) and holding type (land, land and building or building)Open Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Conservation AreasAreas designated as Conservation Areas under Section 69 of the Planning (Listed buildings and Conservation Areas) Act, 1990Open Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
HM Land Registry - Commercial and Corporate OwnershipHM Land Registry has made available, for free, data on land or property in England and Wales where the registered legal owner is a UK company or corporate body, or an overseas companyLand Registry Licence (Non-commercial use only, please see terms)
Listed BuildingsBuildings of special architectural or historic interest are 'listed', and are graded I, II* and II according to their importanceOpen Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Local Nature ReservesLocal Nature Reserves (LNRs) are a statutory designation made under Section 21 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 by principal local authoritiesOpen Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Local Plan - Highway Planning LinesThe area of Highway Planning Lines safeguarded for road improvements within Nottingham City, indicating areas of land required to deliver transport schemesOpen Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Planning applicationsPlanning applications received by Nottingham City Council, updated on a daily basisOpen Government Licence
Planning applications - weekly listIf you're interested in a single planning application, you do not need to download thisOpen Government Licence
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local authorities to undertake an assessment of land availability to identify a future supply of land which is suitable, available and achievable for housing and economic development usesOpen Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)